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One of our favorite ways to share different projects and techniques and hope that you will share your creations with us and the rest of the Pinterest world!


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A place for fans of Unique Glass Colors to interact with us and other fans.  This is also a great place to see all of the upcoming events that UGC will attend. 


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A great way to stay in touch with UGC and to get immediate updates on what we are up to!

• Margot A. Clark, Inc.
The home of the multimedia artist where she shares her creative art techniques and designs.  There is everything from a Gallery to the "Art Experience" events.

• Glass Patterns Quarterly Magazine

Articles on Stained Glass and Glass Painting

• Central Florida Stained Glass Guild

Per their website:  "Central Florida Stained Glass Guild (CFSGG), a non-profit membership organization, is the place where you will find kindred spirits. Whether you are new to the glass arts, a hobbyist or a professional artist, the Guild is where you can connect and learn and share with like-minded people."

Glass Artists

A community of glass artists. 

• Glass Art - GlassArtists.org

A sub-community of glass artists that specialize in fused glass. 

• Fused Glass Art - FusedGlassArtists.org

A sub-community of glass artists that specialize in painted glass. 

• Painted Glass Art - PaintedGlassArt.org